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100 Travel Words - Turkish

The 100 Most Useful Turkish Words for Travelers...

Foreign-language phrasebooks and lessons promise miracles: Speak a foreign language fluently in only weeks!

Is it possible? Of course not. It takes months or years to learn a foreign language.

But anyone can learn 100 words™. You just need to know which 100 words—the 100 Travel Words!™— and have them presented in the best possible way for quick and easy learning. Words like hello, money, how much, hotel room, hot water, laundry, metro station, ticket, Wifi password.

Dictionaries, language courses, phrasebooks and foreign language apps give you way too many words. They discourage you with overwhelming lessons that would take weeks or months to finish. And those complicated 300-page phrasebooks don’t do the job when you need a word instantly. As for the smartphone translation apps, what's even faster? Your brain! If you already know the 100 most useful words, you're all set to go.

I've spent a lot of time thinking about the best and quickest way to learn 100 travel words...and I think I've found it. 100 Travel Words™ ebooks teach you the words one-by-one in flash-card fashion on your smartphone or tablet, like this:

There are about ten words per lesson, with a review after each lesson.

Study ten words a day and in a little over a week you'll know the 100 most useful travel words in your chosen foreign language.

Have a look at the sample pages below to see if this is right for you. İyi yolculuklar! (Happy travels!)

100 Travel Words - Turkish book cover

E-book Editions

100 Travel Words - Turkish is available as an e-book from the sellers below. If you order it via PayHip, you pay no more, you can download it immediately, and you're doing the author a favor because PayHip gives a better deal to authors.