Travel Info Exchange, Inc.

Travel Info Exchange, Inc.

Travel Info Exchange, Inc. (TIE) is a publisher of travel websites, fiction and nonfiction ebooks and paper books.

TIE was a pioneer in online travel information, founded in the 1990s as a CBBS (Computer Bulletin Board Service) before the World Wide Web was available to the public. In 2002, we launched our first website,, soon to become the world's foremost travel-planning website to the destination, serving as many as 5.5 million unique visitors from 230+ countries each year.

Other websites followed, including,,,, and more (see below).

In 2015, TIE began publishing books with the first being Tom Brosnahan's humorous travel memoir entitled Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea. Novels and language-learning guides followed.

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Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea

Tom Brosnahan’s humorous travel memoir: Peace Corps teacher in Turkey (1967-1969), career as a travel writer and author of dozens of travel guidebooks. Along the way he starred in a movie, sipped champagne in the sultan’s gilded palace, was almost eaten by wolves on the Iranian border, and fell in love with a lot of girls named Jane—the last one the girl of his dreams.

Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea, by Tom Brosnahan


a novel of the Belle Époque

Our world is in turmoil, but it’s all happened before. The Belle Époque, from the late 1800s to World War I, saw dizzying technological development, revolutionary art, tectonic change in society, and bitter - even deadly - political clashes.

My new novel shows how people in Paris, New York and Constantinople lived through the turmoil, rising to astonishing heights in society, fortune, fame and art; plummeting, enduring and surviving.

Serene - a novel of the Belle Époque

Istanbul Love Bus

It’s 1968 and the world is on fire: war in Vietnam, riots in the USA and Europe, but not in Istanbul, where Turks go about their private lives and hippies smoke dope and make love in the Hippodrome.

But the fire soon spreads to Turkey with plots to destroy the country’s greatest treasures. Can they succeed?

Istanbul Love Bus, a novel by Tom Brosnahan

Paris Girls Secret Society

A year abroad in Paris for three American college girls turns deadly in May 1968 when the Sorbonne explodes, workers revolt and France hurtles toward chaos.

Danger tracks the girls at the barricades, in a château on the Loire, even in the Dordogne’s prehistoric caves—but so does love, from perverse to sublime.

For the Paris Girls Secret Society, life and love will never be the same.

Paris Girls Secret Society, a novel by Tom Brosnahan

100 Travel Words -Turkish

The 100 most useful words for travelers!

Anybody can learn a hundred words™. These are the words you'll use every day on your trip to Turkey. Words like tuvalet kağıdı (toilet paper), Wifi şifresi (Wifi password), and cep telefonu (smartphone).

Divided into 10-words-a-day lessons and presented like flashcards, with explanations, this eBook will have you speaking just enough Turkish in only ten days.

100 Travel Words - Turkish

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You can read .epub and .pdf files (like the books described above) on your Kindle, even if you haven't bought them from Amazon. Click here to learn how.

Websites, by Tom Brosnahan and Jane Fisher, covers all of France, and especially Paris, in nearly 2000 pages—everything you need to plan your trip to France.

Tom first went to France in 1966, and has returned frequently ever since. Now he and wife Jane Fisher, a French major in college, travel in France several times annually to gather new information for Unlike crowd-sourced websites, you needn't sort through hundreds of incomplete, mistaken or downright wrong messages to find what you want. "We're professional travel writers, not amateurs or influencers," they say. "Our job is to tell you what and how it is so you can make your own decisions. I think it's fair to say you won't find so much good, easily accessible information about France anywhere else." logo logo

Successor to Tom Brosnahan's best-selling guidebooks to New England for Frommer's and Lonely Planet, (NETP) receives over a million visits annually from 200 countries (top 5: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany), generating 2.6 million pageviews of its 2000+ pages. NETP aims to be the complete travel resource for America's six-state northeast region (plus New York City).

"No other US region is like New England: beautiful and historic, with mountains, seacoast, islands and great cities, all of it easily accessible—an hour's drive from one top sight to another." logo

Wingaersheek Beach & Annisquam Light, Gloucester MA

Venice, in Sarasota County on Florida's Gulf Coast, is regarded as one of Florida's top Gulf Coast resort cities. Built to an idealistic master plan by renowned city planner John Nolen, Venice has grown into a manageable-size community with long beaches, a historic downtown, abundant parks, bike paths, golf courses, and facilities for a variety of land and water sports. The sun shines 252 days a year, and cool breezes from the Gulf keeps things fresh. Venice's impressive array of restaurants includes American, French, Italian, Mediterranean, seafood, Western and more. logo logo

Concord, Massachusetts, 20 miles (32 km) west of Boston, is beautlful, historic, easily walkable and bikeable—the perfect getaway from the city. The American Revolution began here with the first victory of colonial militias over the might of the British Empire. Visit the battle sites, and the homes of America's great 19th-century writers: Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Louisa May Alcott and more. Stroll around Walden Pond—or take a swim. It's all easily accessible on foot, by bike, train or car.

Pie Chef Jane Fisher learned pie-making from her ancestors, and has built up an impressive collection of personal recipes for you, along with the amusing and touching stories about how they came to be. Afraid to make your own pie crust? Jane shows you how easy it is: four ingredients, four minutes. With a little experience and Jane's graphic tips, you'll soon be decorating your bakery creations with pie-crust art! logo, for many years now the top travel website to this top-10 world travel destination, has undergone a change of ownership and much-needed technical updates. In its new format, it's still the product of 50+ years of travel and writing on Turkey by Tom Brosnahan. logo