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Turkey: Bright Sun, Strong Tea

On the Road with a Travel Writer

Tom Brosnahan’s humorous travel memoir: Peace Corps teacher in Turkey (1967-1969), career as a travel writer and author of dozens of travel guidebooks. Along the way he starred in a movie, sipped champagne in the sultan’s gilded palace, was almost eaten by wolves on the Iranian border, and fell in love with a lot of girls named Jane—the last one the girl of his dreams. More...

Paris Girls Secret Society - a novel

A year abroad in Paris for three American college girls turns deadly in May 1968 when the Sorbonne explodes, workers revolt and France hurtles toward chaos. Danger tracks the girls at the barricades, in a château on the Loire, even in the Dordogne’s prehistoric caves—but so does love, from perverse to sublime. For the Paris Girls Secret Society, life and love will never be the same. More...

Istanbul Love Bus - a novel

It’s 1968 and the world is on fire: war in Vietnam, riots in the USA and Europe, but not in Istanbul, where Turks go about their private lives and hippies smoke dope and make love in the Hippodrome. But the fire soon spreads to Turkey with plots to destroy the country’s greatest treasures. Can they succeed? More...

100 Travel Words: Turkey

Anyone can learn a hundred words! This is your key to easier travel in Turkey, with the most useful 100 words, pronunciations, English-Turkish and Turkish-English Glossaries, and Turkish Grammar. More...

Websites by Tom Brosnahan & Jane Fisher covers all of France, and especially Paris, in nearly 2000 pages—everything you need to plan your trip to France. More..., for many years the top travel website to this top-10 world travel destination, has undergone a change of ownership and much-needed technical updates. In its new format, it's still the product of 50+ years of travel and writing on Turkey by Tom Brosnahan. More... by Tom Brosnahan

Successor to Tom Brosnahan's best-selling guidebooks to New England for Frommer's and Lonely Planet, receives over a million visits annually from 200 countries (top 5: USA, Canada, UK, Australia, Germany), generating 2.6 million pageviews of its 2000+ pages. NETP aims to be the complete travel resource for America's six-state northeast region (plus New York City). More... by Tom Brosnahan

A guide to the wines, wineries, vineyards and vintners of the six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. More... by Tom Brosnahan

A guide to the resort city of Venice, in Sarasota County on Florida's Gulf Coast. More... by Jane Fisher

Pie recipes from a master pie chef, with the stories that bring the joy of pie-baking to life. More... by Tom Brosnahan

A personal online guide to the world's first—and Switzerland's premier—winter resort, which is also among the finest places to visit in summer. More... by Tom Brosnahan

A Travel Planner to this oil-rich Scandinavian nation, now under development. More... by Tom Brosnahan

Under development, following up on Tom Brosnahan's authorship of the first Berlitz pocket guide to Egypt. More...

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